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Friday, June 4, 2010

Preventing your buy-to-let property becoming a liability

The purpose of renting any property, aside from the ancillary aspects such as helping people unable to afford their own property, is to make a profit on the money invested into the property initially. Owning a rental property is a business in and of itself and only by treating it as such can landlords hope to turn a profit. If done correctly, owning a rental property is definitely a good investment and it can help a person make a profitable business, however there are many situations turning a property from a good investment into a situation where the property has turned into a massive liability and is costing the owner more money than it is making. While this is every landlord’s worst nightmare, taking out an effective landlord insurance policy will definitely prove useful if the worst happens to protect your investment, preventing your buy-to-let property from becoming a financial burden.

It is important to carry out all the necessary precautions in terms of financial planning to ensure the buy-to-let property is a good investment. If you don’t have insurance and have never needed insurance before then you have been very lucky but it only takes one claim to turn any buy-to-let investment into a property that swallows your savings. However it is never too late to take out insurance and there are many companies offering comprehensive landlords insurance at a reasonable price. If you leave it too late and an accident occurs damaging your property, you cannot then take out an insurance policy and expect the insurance company to pay. They will refuse to pay and you will be left out of pocket. Taking out the appropriate landlord insurance policy is vital in preventing your buy-to-let property from becoming a liability.

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  1. I always understood that insurance was protection against something that might or might not happen (e.g. fire, theft), and assurance was protection against something that was bound to happen sooner or later (e.g. death).
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