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Friday, January 8, 2010

Economic Meltdown!! No No To Sports Stars..

We all know and came to hear by what is meant by Economic crisis, recession, global meltdown etc.. We have also come across within the sphere of this very term and had to face its consequences in some way or the other. But the leading sports stars from different background had no interest in it. It hardly have affected these personalities. Where as on the other hand corporate sectors, MNC's, governments had its affect on them. Despite global economic meltdown, the rich owned sports stars kept on going receiving high neck cash. Millions and millions contract between these sportsperson and their boss have kept them away from this meltdown. Success, name and fame have kept them in the list of the celebrity world.

Here we will discuss how different sports persons have come to earn so much money only by playing a game and by how, they have come to earn so much. Its a matter of fact the whole of industries are directly or indirectly affected by the economic breakdown, the sports industry have kept aside of itself from it.

Here are some of the leading and richest sports stars from various fields. These celebrities are some of the highest cash earners in the field of sports.

1.) Kobe Bryant ( Basketball)

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player under Los Angeles Lakers. He lays as a guard in the team. Very few Hollywood celebrities can be matched with him in terms of making money. He makes a lot of money from a contract deal made by the sports giants Nike. According to the deal he makes to $ 45 million into his pocket.

Moreover he earns around $71 million from the Lakers according to the deal made. So be there a global meltdown, these sports stars earn accordingly to the contract done.

2.) David Beckham ( Soccer)

Despite not being a truly great soccer player David Beckham is a global marketing phenomenon. He earns around 35 million pounds per annum. Beckham has received a great deal of success due to his film star looks.

David recently is on a loan to Italy giants AC Milan. But originally he plays LA Galaxy. His actual salary is only $5.5 million but he receives more than the double due the tickets cut off, merchandise and sponsorships. Because of his wife, former spice girls member, he gets a great deal of attention.

3.) Tiger Woods ( Golf)

Tiger Woods the world number one golfer. He has won many awards and championships. He is regarded as one of the greatest in this field. His total earnings rose up to 71 million pound per annum.

However he is one of the most marketable athlete. He signed a contract with Nike for $105 million for the term of five years, which was the greatest ever deal made by a sportsperson ever. Moreover he has a deal with American Express, Buick, EA sports and many others.

According to Golf digest, Woods made $769,440,709 from 1996-2007.

4.) Kimi Raikkoen ( Formula One)

Kimi became the highest ever paid person in the field of motor racing when he joined to Ferrari team. And in the very first season he also won the Formula One world Driver's championship.

This young Finnish Driver earns more than 27 million pound per annum.

5.) Roger Federer ( Tennis)

Roger having won most number of grand slams has coined up millions of prize money awards. He is regarded as one of the wealthiest tennis player of all time. He moreover has a tie up deal with Nike, Rolex and Gillette. He is also among 300 wealthiest in Switzerland. He bagged to his pocket more than 22 million pound a year.

There are many more sports stars who earn millions. Thus what I would like to say is that these celebrities apart from their fees, they have earned millions with the help of merchandising a product or the other. They also have earned endorsement pays. So the recent global economic melt down all over the world had little or no affect on these sports personalities.

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