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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unemloyment, a reason to be unhappy!!

Unemployment. Well to share my point of views to the point of unemployment, i feel very embarrassing and sorry for the society of unemployed. It can be merely described as a fact that someone wants to deliver for something but he or she is denied of the opportunity. Unemployment, i would rather say a device which makes human strategies handicapped and creates a doubt of confusions and unhappiness among the family and the society.

Unemployment can be found everywhere. Every nation has a problem of unemployment. Even the United States Of America the largest economic power has to deal with this problematic causes. The only thing i would like to share with everybody is the feelings to how hard can an individuals life be without any job or a work. As a matter of fact it leads to ones unhappiness, frustration, emotions etc. . Many organization as well as social institutions have tried a helping hand in reducing the problem of unemployment in U.S. . But its all not enough for the large and all time growing force of unemployment. US government has leased out some important measures to check the problem of unemployment, but till date we are far away to accomplish it.

Its a sheer sight of functions which has made a difficult living for an individual and the whole of surroundings he lives in. However there are various types of unemployment which can be found around US. According to the economist some of the types of unemployment can be:
1.) cyclical unemployment.
2.) frictional unemployment
3.) structural unemployment and
4.) classical unemployment

Again some of the more discussed kinds of unemployment are:
1.) seasonal unemployment
2.) hardcore unemployment and
3.) hidden unemployment

There are also other different types of unemployment which we can find in the real life. Well those may be quite difficult to describe with and give a specific terms.

It is however becoming very difficult day by day for the Americans specially with the young boys and girls who are jobless. The rate of unemployment is raising very rapidly. Every states in the US, the rate of unemployment has been increasing. Every time i come to know about or read about the incidents related to unemployment, i am very much depressed.

Due to this affect many individuals are left to depression and unhappiness. The ultimate moral stamina has lost among these groups. I would also like to share that due the unemployment the US human value ratio in relation to happiness is now a far behind. And moreover each of the affected families are not happy. Their children are not happy and thus leads to unhealthy human relation and due to deprivation they lead an unhealthy character to the society structure.

So, in many ways or the other its a reason of our unhappiness. It will be a problem not only to the affected but all also the whole of America. Healthy Americans, Healthy America.

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